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JPS drives dentistry with pride and responsibility

Tetsuo Ichikawa, DDS, PhD
Japan Prosthodontic Society

■■I have been assigned to be the president of Japan Prosthodontic Society (JPS) from 2017 to 2018. The JPS was established in 1933 and has since been the core association for dentistry in Japan. The success and prestige of this society is the result of great efforts of previous presidents and executives of JPS. The impact factor of JPR, which is determined by Journal Citation Reports (Thomson Reuters), was reported to be 1.547 in 2014, 1.693 in 2015, and 2.561 in 2016. This is a prime example of the excellence of our organization as well as a source of pride for both prosthodontists worldwide and academia in Japan.
■■As the new president, I wish to share my policy priorities for JPS.


Significance of Prosthodontics
■■This success of JPS over many generations is due, in part, to the recognition that prosthodontics has a significant role in patient oral cure/care. I believe that prosthodontists are ultimately responsible for all dentistry-related health concerns in patients. It is ultimately the responsibility of prosthodontists, above all other practitioners of dentistry/dental medicine, to consider oral hygiene, dental structure, and oral function. Our members should improve their clinical skill and develop expert knowledge with pride and responsibility, thereby contributing to the oral health of patients. JPS shall foster an environment in which members enjoy being life-long learners. We will do this by facilitating various activities, such as offering academic programs at JPS meetings, developing and assessing clinical guidelines, publishing official journals, and establishing a board-certified prosthodontist program.


Innovation & Traditional
■■JPS is in a unique position to foster innovation in the traditional delivery of cure/care. I will promote the development of digital prosthodontics and smart prosthodontics in accordance with the progression of relevant technologies, such as “Industry IV.” Accordingly, JPS will revise educational and clinical guidelines and appraisals as well as the prosthodontics glossary. In doing so, we will be mindful of the strengths of traditional techniques while being open to the benefits of those that are innovative. We also would like to make efforts to reflect our various activities of JPS to encourage daily clinical use and dental service fee.


Global & Regional
■■It is our goal to continue the past and present operations of JPS and to extend them globally. In doing so, we will work to maintain the status of JPR as a leading journal while also elevating the prestige of JPS. In addition, we will seek to extend our academic activities and clinical trial work throughout the region, including all institutions, regional sections, and individuals. We further seek to welcome new member and retain current members of JPS.


Macro & Micro
■■Prosthodontics includes an academically diverse and hierarchal group of professionals in Japan. This diversity and hierarchy benefits JPS as well as contributes to its durability over the years. Nevertheless, such features may result in gaps between research and actual treatment, between practitioners and researchers, and between fundamental prosthodontics and its new interdisciplinary field. We will facilitate professional engagement across these gapes by aligning committee activities to improve organization performance.


■■The term “governance” is often used in Japan in the context of leadership and a top-down management style. However, good governance makes use of a bottom-up management style. As I begin my work as the president of JPS, I will seek out your honest advice and opinions. I also appreciate your continued support and willingness to work with us and I hope this type of engagement will continue over the coming two years. Thank you.